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You Helped Me, I Hope I Helped You

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Giving, connects us to others, creating stronger communities and helping to build a happier society for everyone.  As educators we want all students to succeed. It means supporting our students. In my final blog post for EDTC300 I reflect on just that.

I hope I utilized every possibility I could to support my fellow classmates. I decided to use a new tool I found, Powtoon, to highlight my contributions:

A video Journal of My Networked Professional Learning

5 thoughts on “You Helped Me, I Hope I Helped You

  1. Hey Lydia!
    What a great use of Powtoon! This was such a great way of demonstrating your contribution to the learning of others over the course of this class! 235 tweets! That was impressive. And it shows. You have definitely been someone extremely active on twitter (and other class platforms) who really stood out in contributing to the learning of others! I really appreciate your contributions and I am sure that the rest of the class does too! Great work!


    1. Thank you Caitlin. I never wanted to do an online class because I thought I would be alone in the process. Wow, was I wrong! Thank you for all your kind and encouraging comments throughout the course. I hope you have a wonderful summer and continue to play the Ukulele!

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  2. Lydia, you have been an awesome support for me in the class. Thank you for everything. I also love your powtoon video, it was such a great way to recap everything that you have been doing. Have a great day.


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